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General Fund Swag

The following are deals we made with third party vendors will to contribute to the development of the Greater Good Theory.

Greater Good Theory is simple little acts of kindness by anyone produces Great Acts of Good for all humanity!

So even buying a $20.00 item could help produce the next great thing which will bear your name in the contributing producers credits.

Great Ideas Waits For No One!
So get off your A….  and..

New Addies:


New Additions


Made You Look, NOW SMILE !!


Cool New Adds…

come in all different types of shapes, sizes, styles, opportunities
and colors.

Fashion Wears


Fashion Goodees. [hr]

Made You Look !

Made You Look, NOW SMILE !! [/su_column]

#1187 Fashion Associates


You, Your ideas, & Your Dreams are not alone.
That what makes the:

True Indy.com one of the best Crowd-Funding Platforms!
For we believe helping with great thought, positive energy and a loyal team, but mostly the power of you to make your dreams happen!

Please Remember;
True Indy.com and listed fundraiser campaigns are for profit ventures.  Most listed concepts offer NO tax deductions NOR ownership stake in the entity.

The Swag, the credit and or gift of knowing you made a difference with your no expectation contributions and or donations are gifts. Each of our way to Pay if Forward! 

Electronic Swag

#1190 Electronics Made Ez! [hr]
#1194 Electronics Hotties!
#1191  Electronic *Top Ones* 

Simply put; whatever purchase from this group will go into a general fund to be managed, administered as accessed across many the TrueIndy.com listed  projects. (Unless you opt out of a specific idea/project/or concept because of ones inner concerns.)

Please REMEMBER any and all contributions. donations and or gifts made possible by your purchases or direct gift  to us and or to some of our joint partnered and ventured website  will be made in your name or a name of your choosing. (**Exceptions, Decency and Non Offensive Rules Applies.**)

Art Projects

#826 05% of Purchase Donate.
#827 10% of Purchase Donate.
#828 20% of Purchase Donate.

you can donate or contribute to a specific project ONLY, even if that project’s goal has been reach. {**Any project that reaches its funding goals. You the contributor, (or as we like to view you as a producer of making ideas happen will be give to option to redirect your gift to another project of your liking or given only to the project of your choice even if overfunded.} {Exceptions apply but notice is always given before any action happens within a reasonable time frame.)

Great Inventions

No Bad Ideas, Just Bad Haters of your Great Ideas!
Now Why Didn’t I think of that ???
#0832 Great Ideas by YOU!!; A Great People !

The Benefits of giving are intangible.  You have to experience at least one in your life and u might get hooked!

Swag Bags

#831 50% of Purchase Price Donated [hr] #830 40% of Purchase Price Donated [hr]
#829 30% of Purchase Price Donated [hr]
#828 20% of Purchase Price Donated[/su_column]

It is all about the Swag Man, The SWAGG !!

The Greater Good Theory !

Down for the Cause!
#809 Don’t Sit, Act! [hr]
 #827 Don’t just play A Part [hr]
#826 Be the 1st to get a piece of the Action! [hr]


#828** Star Wars: Darth Vader** 20% of purchases donated. [hr]
#831** Star Wars: Accessories 20% of purchases donated. [hr]
#832** Star Wars: Rebel Wears   20% of purchases donated. [hr] 

!! CRAZY, SEXY –& mad– COOL !!

#828** Star Wars: Darth Vader** 20% of purchases donated. [hr]
#831** Star Wars: Accessories 20% of purchases donated. [hr]
#832** Star Wars: Rebel Wears   20% of purchases donated. [hr] 

Today You might help Someone Dream come to Life !
Tomorrow, that someone might help your Dream come to Life!



You will never KNOW,
when you might have a great idea for the crowd to fund.

Thus ALWAYS try to Support Another’s idea,
for one day it might be your idea hoping for support.


So Promise, to Forever Dream Big!


**Read, Review, and decided based on TrueIndy.com Terms and conditions listed or not.**

True Indie.com – Dream Do Come True!