006 – Campaign Managers –



Campaign Managers Outline:


  1. Help dreamer / Client identify their goals.
  2. Help Dreamers / Clients identify their funding needs all the way until their project’s completion.
  3. Help them develop a well thought out POA
  4. POA = {Plan of Action}
  5. Help them understand the need for contingents plans.
  6. POA = {A/B/C and sometimes POA-D}
  7. Help their plan to include the smallest of detail.
  8. Help them make a extremely detailed list of every penny needs
  9. Milestones – Help them develop and reach their milestones and share their Milestones with their Producers/Contributors.
  10. Help them arrange their Swag/Perks/Gifts details.
  11. Work with the partner and affiliate sites to procure and make their Swag/Perks/Gift commitments.
  12. Help them understand that per agreements funds cannot nor will not released until their milestones are met.
  13. Help dreamers develop list of hot, warm and cold markets.
  14. Help dreamers understand and identify the demographic of their project.  
  15. (No project has Universal Appeal, Luck and good planning usher the Project to Universal Appeal)
  16. Help them develop, produce and share to the world their marketing plan.
  17.  For example – parts of a marketing plan –
    1. Project Explanation Videos
    2. Project Milestone Photos
    3. Good Background Stories
    4. Humble Pie
    5. Project updates schedules
    6. What if scenarios (if all goes wrong)
    7. What is the purpose of this project
    8. What they have a stake in the project
    9. Swag Bags
    10. Distribution (End Game) once project is complete.
  18. Develop and give realistic numbers of funds needed.
  19. The battle is never over.
  20. Plan to Work & Work your Plan!

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