002 —- How •2• Do? —- 002

**** Remember ****
Plan to Work !   •&•  Work your Plan!
**** Keep the  Process, Simple! ****

  1. Start
  2. Build a True Indy.com Fund a Dream Page,
  3. Choose a Campaign Manager, Or {DIY}
  4. Make a extremely Detailed Plan of Action,
  5. Make a to the penny tight & right Budget,
  6. Aim High, Dream Big, set obtainable and realistic Goals,
  7. Arrange the Swag, Perks and Gifts with CM & Partner Sites.
  8. Post your Dreams.
  9. Share your Dream with Family and Friends for their support.
  10. Follow you Plan making adjustments as you move along,
  11. Market your Dream (Tell the World)
  12. Give regular updates and process reports, (to your Supporters)
  13. Execute on your plan, until completion.
  14. Receive payments in intervals as targets in plan are reached.
  15. Complete Project, ShowCase your Dream with the World.

True Indie.com – Dream Do Come True!